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  • What is a Rehearsal Mix?

    A Rehearsal Mix is a stereo file that has been exported from a recording with a specific part elevated higher that the overall mix for listening purposes.

  • What is the relationship between Rehearsal and is the owner of We’ve created a separate catalog, website and free online scheduler for you to use to distribute your mixes from within If you use Planning Center Online we recommend that you link your account with PCO and you can import in Rehearsal Mixes directly through the PCO interface. You will need to login to RehearsalMix from occasionally to purchase credits, but everything else can be achieved through PCO.

  • How does your credit system work?

    Credits are your currency here on Rehearsal Mix. By buying in bulk, you can receive discounts on the cost of your credits. One credit is good for one Rehearsal Mix for one person. A person can then download the song or stream as many times as they like and they will not be charged. If you use our free online Scheduler or Planning Center Online, when you assign a Rehearsal Mix to a person that has already had that mix assigned or previously streamed, our system will recognize that the individual has access to that song and they will not be charged for an additional stream or download.

  • If I purchase a MultiTrack from can I create my own Rehearsal Mixes?

    Sorry, but that is not legal. Our License Agreements that dictate Terms and Conditions on MultiTracks allow for MultiTracks to be used for Live Performance use only. If you create your own Rehearsal Mix you are creating a derivative work of the song and distributing that without paying for the licensing to do so. The good news is that Rehearsal Mix covers this for you. Just like when you download a song from iTunes, a portion of that song goes to the owner of the publishing rights and a portion goes to the owner of the master recording, we’ve secured these licenses on your behalf and each time you download the song, those licenses are paid on your behalf for the use of the Rehearsal Mix.

  • A few notes for Planning Center Users

    If you currently use Planning Center Online, you'll definitely want to try our direct integration before you buy any mixes through Rehearsal Mix directly. Here's why: When you buy a song for a person, Rehearsal Mix knows and then that person can download or stream as many times as they like, on Rehearsal Mix or PCO. If you purchase an initial round of mixes through your own account on, then they will all be under your own admin account. So here's what we'd recommend: First, sign up for a Rehearsal Mix account and purchase some credits. Second, watch the PCO video about Attachment Types that we have on our Features page. Lastly, send your musicians and singers an update about Rehearsal Mixes. Suggestions on that can be found here:

  • Can I purchase one Rehearsal Mix and then distribute this to multiple people on our worship team?

    Just like when you purchase a song on iTunes, the purchase of a Rehearsal Mix for $.79-$1.29 is for a single license for one person.

  • What should I do if I’ve previously created these mixes from MultiTracks?

    Creating Rehearsal Mixes is not a part of the live performance license offered on To be copyright compliant, you must delete any mixes that we're created with out proper licensing and replace with legally licensed Rehearsal Mixes.

  • Are all the Rehearsal Mixes made from the original recording?

    On the each songs individual detail page there is a “Source Legend” that describes where the master recording originated. If it says Master, it is the original master recording.

  • Why are some of the BGV’s separated individually and some are not?

    When we receive stems from a record label or artist, we don’t always receive the stems fully separated and sometimes they’re not recorded that way. When that's the case we offer a BGV Group or Choir mix, often you can hear the individual vocal parts very clearly. We recommend sending this one Rehearsal Mix to all your vocalists to learn their parts.

  • NEW! 30 Day Free Trial Available through our PCO Integration!

    We just launched a Free Trial that gives you unlimited streaming access to Rehearsal Mixes through your Planning Center Online account for 30 days.  To acivate, register for a Rehearsal Mix account and enable your integration through your settings on your My Account page on and through your settings on Planning Center.  Here are a few additional tips:

    1. This is 30 days of "streaming access" so your team will not be able to download Rehearsal Mixes while the Free Trial is enabled.  If you currently use Rehearsal Mix, there is really no reason to activate the trial because your team will lose their ability to download.  The intent of the trial is for those who have never tried the integration to see how much it will help your team to have access to their specific parts before rehearsal.

    2. Once your trial has ended or if you de-activate the trial, all the Rehearsal Mixes that you've given your team access to stream will now be available for stream or download.  The trial is a way to try for free, but your team will only have 30 days of free streaming access to these mixes.  For use after the trial has expired or after you de-activate the trial, you must enable your normal account activity where you will be charged only once for each team members first download or stream of a Rehearsal Mix.

    3. Be sure to watch Planning Center's video on how to set up Attachment Types.  This takes a few minutes but it then makes our integration very easy.  By setting up your attachement type preferences you give each musician and singer access to stream or download only their specific part to prevent visibility of any Rehearsal Mixes that your team members do not need to access. This makes assigning parts really easy too!